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Heat Your Pool or Spa
With A Sun Wave™
The Most Advanced Heat Pump Today!

Xtreme Heat PumpSunWave™ Xtreme ™ Heat Pumps

Green Energy's team has been selling the most efficient, trouble-free swimming pool heaters in the industry for over twenty years. Heat pumps simply take the heat from the air and transfer it to the water - making the heating process clean, efficient, ecologically safety and most of all, cost effective.



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Sun Wave™ Xtreme™ Standard Features

  • Digital Control Panel
    Displays the current pool/spa temperature and monitors the operating status of the unit. Includes lockable control panel cover.
  • Dual Thermostats
    Designed for pool and spa combinations
  • Chiller/Hot Gas Defrost
    Allows the heater to operate at frigid conditions and will also chill your pool in the hot summer months
  • Titanium Heat Exchanger
    Lifetime warranty
    Delivers superior hydraulic flow - no bypass valves required
  • Patented Auto Heat
    This feature maintains your pool temperature automatically, 24 hours a day, overriding the pool time clock
  • Extra-Large Evaporator Coil
    Our special lanced-fin design collects more heat as the outside temperature starts to drop
  • Automation Ready
    Allows easy connection to Jandy Controls and other pool/spa automation systems, automatic valve systems, and remotes
  • Commercial Grade Compressor
    Our scroll compressor is the quietest on the market
  • Durable Polymer Cabinet - Rust and corrosion-free for life


  • Digital Remote Control Kit
    Allows the user to control all heat pump settings, plus, automate pool-to-spa switching from a remote location.
    Kit includes two Jandy Valve Actuators and Remote Control Panel.

Our Heat Pumps are ETL tested to UL specifications

BTU/hr* Output 120K
C.O.P. 5.5
Voltage 208V-230V / 1/60
Supply Circuit 50 AMPS
Compressor Scroll
Heat Exchanger Titanium**
Flow Rate G.P.M. 55 Optimum
Dimensions (in.) 32.5"W 42"H 41 "D
Weight (lbs.) 325

*Tested and Certified according to the 80-80-80 standard

**Corrosion-Free Technology not affected by chemical imbalances and/or chlorine generators

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Impressive Warranty
All Sun Wave™ heat pumps are backed by a highly trained technical support department, and by some of the strongest and most inclusive warranties in the industry. Check out our warranty for details.


>> Also check out the Sun Wave™ Heat Pump <<


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