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Commercial Solar Pool Heating

Chosen Worldwide for the Olympics

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Heliocol is proud to have been chosen to heat the Olympic pools in Atlanta and Athens.

Olympic Solar Pool Heating

Olympic Games Natatorium in Atlanta GA USA 1996

More than 1000 square meters of collector surface area

40 meters high and pumping 30000 liters per hour using a 40 horsepower, 3 phase pump

This Heliocol solar pool heating system was chosen by the Department of Energy to showcase during the 1996 Summer Olympic Games. The Heliocol system demonstrated how an environmentally friendly technology saves money and provides extremely accurate temperatures.

The pool temperatures were constantly maintained at strict Olympic regulation temperatures throughout competition. During the daytime, the Heliocol system heated the pool, while at night the system cooled the water if necessary. The Heliocol system continues to save thousands of dollars each month for the pool's new owners, Georgia Tech University.

Heliocol Solar Pool Heating systems are used world wide in a variety of applications including hotels, apartments, resorts, and underwater training facilities. To learn more about possible applications and or to request a quote click here.

Savings with a solar pool heating system from Heliocol can be significant... often equaling thousands and even tens of thousands of dollars per year (depending on your application). To learn how you can save with a commercial solar pool heating system from Heliocol click here.

Heliocol commercial solar pool heating extend beyond the Olympic pools. From hotels and apartments to resorts and customized solutions Heliocol is the right choice for you commercial solar needs.

Here are just a few of the 1000's of satisfied commercial clients that Heliocol has assisted over the last 25 years.

El Cid Hotel, Mazatlan, Mexico

El Cid Hotel, Mazaltan, Mexico

Year Installed: 1993
Pool Surface Area: 40,000 square feet
Number of Heliocol Panels: 500 hc 50 collectors
AVG Unheated Temperature: 23c
AVG Solar Heated Temperature: 32c
Fiscal Payback: Less than 3 years
Roof Orientation: Flat Roof
Pool Orientation: Indoor and Outdoor

The El Cid Mega Resort sought a pool heating system to reduce the tremendous cost of heating the facility's five swimming pools. An innovative system was designed to offset the pool heating expense during the winter, while helping to meet the hotel's domestic hot water needs during the summer. The Heliocol system saves the resort hundreds of thousands of dollars every year by virtually eliminating pool-heating expenses and pre-heating the domestic hot water. The El Cid Mega Resort's Heliocol installation is one of the largest solar pool heating systems in the world.

32nd United States Naval Station
San Diego, CA, USA

32nd Street Naval Base

Year Installed: 2002
Pool Surface Area: 7500 square feet
Number of Heliocol Panels: 200 hc 50 collectors
AVG Unheated Temperature: 28c
AVG Solar Heated Temperature: 32c
Fiscal Payback: Less than 2.5 years
Roof Orientation: 3-story Flat Roof
Pool Orientation: Outdoor

The Navy chose Heliocol due to the system's unique individual tube design. The individual tube design virtually eliminates lift caused by the strong winds in the area without requiring any penetrations into the roof surface. One of several Heliocol systems heating the swimming pools of United States Armed Forces, this installation saves taxpayers hundreds of thousands of dollars in pool heating bills through the use of an environmentally safe renewable energy technology. Heliocol has become the vendor of choice of the U.S. Armed Forces when it comes to heating the military's pools year-round. This installation enabled the 32nd Naval Station to become a candidate for the Navy Energy Conservation Award.

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