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Resilience is an automatic Natural Chlorine Generator for pool and/or spa sanitation. It is the workhorse of the chlorine generators. The system uses a very low concentration of salt, less than the concentration in a human teardrop, and converts it into chlorine that kills algae and bacteria in your pool. After killing the algae and bacteria, the chlorine reverts back to sodium chloride. This process of purification continues, making the need to add extra sanitizing chemicals to your pool virtually unnecessary. The level of necessary chlorine in the pool is affected by a number of factors such as sunlight, bather load, debris and water temperature, all of which destroy chlorine.



How It Works

From a small amount of ordinary table salt, the Resilience system achieves all of your pool's purification needs. The Resilience system converts the salt into a pure form of chlorine that sanitizes your water and then automatically converts back into salt, prepared for the next cycle of sanitation. Purification with an natural chlorine generator is so effective that hundreds of thousands of generators are operating in the United States alone.

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Natural, Soft & Clear

With Resilience, your pool will have fewer chemicals and softer water. You will always jump into cleaner, healthier water that has a soft, silky feel. Never buy chlorine again!

Strong Warranty

  • SEVEN (7) Year Limited Warranty with
  • THREE (3) Year Full Parts and Labor

No More Red Eyes! No Strong Chlorine Smell!
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